Suchitoto, El Salvador

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Click on the photos to see what each business in Suchitoto has to offer. We hope that you enjoy your virtual tour of Suchitoto, El Salvador. We do update the site from time to time to add new business that open and update those that move or close. Suchitoto is  waiting for so when decide to come come back to our site to make sure you have all the information you need. make the real trip. If you have any questions about Suchitoto, use our contact form, our webmaster is always happy to answer any questions he can. His experience living in Suchitoto since 2001 is a real plus. 

Hotels, Hostels and other lodgings

Losalmendorsnewmain La Posada De Suchitlannewma

Eltejadologo  Casahotelsantalucia 

Guazapacafelogo CASA DE LA ABUELAlogopagina

Casa1800 Hotel Alta Vista 3

Raicesdemipaislogo Mayangruper

Casaflamencalogo Picshostallossanchez

Lamonedalogo Picshostalvistalalago

Blanca%20luna%20fachadaspn Casadelsol

Restaurants, Bars, Food and Pupusas

Lupitacafe   Dondecharlie

CASA%20DE%20LA%20ABUELAlogopagina Logo%20la%20fonda%202016

Guazapacafelogo Elharlequin

Delicias El%20Tutulen  

Suchimex PicsRotulo

Restcuidadviaja Villabalanza 

Loslechonesdelucia Elnecio

Eladobe Cafedonquijote

Suchiglobalcafe Olivos


 Buitresbar Luisiana
Ajhuiyaklogo Riolempa

Handicrafts, Galleries and more!

Shanaylogo CASA%20DE%20LA%20ABUELAlogopagina

Sanantonianewmain Anilpajaroflor  

Picsarteenañilsm Marinsa


Tours, Transportation and still more!

GringoToursLogo2020 Sitioguazapa

SuchitotoOutfitters Sapito%20Tours%20Logo%202

Suchitotoecotours Logosantaluciatours

Madurotours Suchiltboat

Hermitañotur Cunditotours

PicsTransporteSanchezsmall%20copy Hernandez Transportacion

Israel Cap

Nacimientos Piscina Mangal Small

Puerto San Juan Small 1 Gorion2%20copy

Latotugafeliz Esartes%20logo

Djsimpsonmainnew For Sale In Suchitoto