Turicentro Puerto San Juan
Lago Suchitlan, Suchitoto, El Salvador

The tourist center at the lake, referred to as the Port of San Juan is open every day from 8:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m.El 
The Entrance fee is: $1.00/person and $1.00/vehicle(cars), $2.00/trucks and vans  In 2014 the newer municipal swimming pool opened which has a seperate entrance fee of $3/person. if you will be using the pool let them know at the main entrance and that way you will only be charged the $3 fee for the pool which includes the regular entrance fee. 
There is a local mid size bus (La Buseta) which heads down to the lake every 20 minutes and can be found passing by the main plaza and main road heading to the lake. The last one coming up is at 5:00 pm. The bus fare is only $0.35/person.

Many people enjoy walking down to the lake then taking the bus back up the steep hill.

You will find 8 restaurants in the tourist center as well  as several snack and refreshment stalls in the parking lot. The installations are nicely decorated and you will find more local art on the walls at the center than in the galleries in town. 
At the far end of the parking lot you will find the local boatmans association where you can hire boat tours(in Spanish) to different parts of the lake. The prices and services are set so don't expect to bargain. Prices are bases per boat nit per person and the most popular outing is to the bird islands. This tour runs $30 and for that you can get up to 10 people on the boat. If you are a single traveler or on a budget let the boatmen know, it is common for them to ask you to wait in the restaurant area and then ask other people if they would like to share the trip with you. There are several other tours some shorter and less expensive and some much longer. If you don't mind missing the last bus we recommend you try for a sunset trip as it is quite impressive seeing the colors changes while coming back to the port at sunset. This is best in the dry season from late October through late January so as not to risk getting caught in a rain storm while out on the lake. 
The lake is less than 2 kilometros from the main plaza which make a nice 30 minute walk or about 5 minutes by car.

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Puertosanjuan Boat Ride
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