Suchitoto, El Salvador
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Things to see and do in Suchitoto

Points of Interest

Historic Center where it appears that time has been stopped. Here one can appreciate our history, culture, the cobble stone streets, the panoramic views of the lake and of the Guazapa volcano. The life of the town itself, relaxed, the Antigua of El Salvador. Within the town you can see the beautiful Santa Lucia church, the home and museum of Alejandro Cotto, The house of the sculptors, Pascal’s Gallery, the Theater of the Ruins, the artisans festival, the house of culture, the Arte Center for Peace, and the artisan form of pure cultural patrimony from long ago.

The Lake Suchitlan (A)

This is one of the main attractions not only for its extension but for being an ecosystem that offers much ornithological interest for abundance as well as for the variety of species, pelicans, herons, storks ..... being declared in the 2005 a RAMSAR site.
The Tourist center San Juan Port offers: food, handicrafts, cafeterias and boat tours of the lake.

Boat tour options:
Island of the donkey 
Island of the Hermit
Trinidad Island,
Bird Island.

Waterfall Los Tercios (B)

Taking the highway to Cinquera about 1,5 kilometers from downtown on the left hand side is the waterfall Los Tercios. Its interest is in the spectacular composition of hexagonal basalt blocks formed by the abrupt cooling of magma. It measures 12 meters in height. It has its own legend as well. 4 km further down the road you can find the hot springs of Agua Calienter, 8Km the Oasis of Quezalapa and 18 km. from Suchitoto the eco-forest of Cinquera. You can visit Los Tercios on foot, by bicycle or using the bus route 482. As of February of 2018 there is now a new tourism police station, it is located below the ALBA gas station near the road to Los Tercios. With an early visit to the police station you can arrange a free police escortm to Los Tercios, these are by demand and depart every day when reaquested at 3:00 pm.

The Guazapa Volcano (C)

The communities of Palo Grande, El Sitio and La Mora, are natural doorways to the famous Guazapa Volcano, rich in historical and natural patrimony; a tropical dry forest that is possible to visit, thanks to the walks and horseback rides offered by these communities. Attractions: Panoramic views, beautiful natural springs, hidden waterfalls, caves, remains of indigo processing and memories from the civil war like: caves, trenches, guerilla camp grounds and tombs. Guazapa volcano offers nature in its purest form.

Hacienda La Bermuda (D)

Located only 6 km from Suchitoto on the highway to San Salvador. Attractions: The recreational center Las Americas, with its swimming pools and fish and shrimp production tanks. Remains of the historical hacienda La Bermuda. In 1528 in the valley La Bermuda the primer Villa of San Salvador was founded and is now known as Cuidad Vieja, this historical site is now under the protection of CONCULTURA.